Freestyle Legacy

David Stoll For three generations, Freestyle has shaped the promotional marketing industry starting with David Stoll in 1950. As industry pioneer, David and two of his industry allies originated SAAGNY, the NY association of PPAI.

This, and his ground-breaking programs on both the distributor and supplier side of the business, helped create the establishment of a leading and respected network and a successful foundation for our industry.

In 1971, David’s son Michael joined the Company and from early on was a Board Member of SAAGNY, a speaker at PPAI shows, an instructor at the M.A.S. programs, himself earning the degree and who went on to build one of the largest promotional products firms in the Northeast.

Michael led the company through many interesting and successful evolutions over the years and also was joined by his wife in the 80s, followed by their daughter in the 90s and recently their daughter-in-law, Andrea. Andrea spent 20+ years in the corporate world building products and brand value within companies like Vans, Converse and American Express. Andrea is excited to join the family business and successfully carry on the Freestyle legacy. Now, even the grandsons are networking their elementary school for leads. Let’s just say it is in our blood.

We leverage this industry experience and our deep relationships to drive the continued success of Freestyle Marketing today, ranked in the top 5% of the promotional marketing industry. We are privately held and a nationally certified WBENC-licensed company.

  • Our mission is to create exceptional, impactful ideas and programs that meet and exceed our customers’ goals. We become trusted and respected partners for our clients’ marketing needs.

Freestyle Team and Approach

We’re a group of bright thinkers who are passionate about what we do as we invest our collective knowledge, talent and energy into each solution. A perfect solution is an original solution. We deliver ownable, unforgettable work for our clients focused on the desired brand, time, place and audience.

We’re the most highly trained in the industry and work as an extension of your own brand and marketing teams. We start with conversation that forms our ideas and drives our successful execution. We create glory moments for our clients and are ready to put our expertise and passion to work for you.

We will deliver our approach and what we believe is our unique position Fresh Material Ideas

Defining Freestyle

Freestyle Marketing is inspired by Fresh Material Ideas. What does this mean?


  • > Original
  • > Newly conceived
  • > Exciting, juicy


  • > Meaningful
  • > Tangible
  • > Relevant


  • > Concepts
  • > Thoughts
  • > Informed